2018 Endeavor Impact Report

Endeavor Global launched with a simple vision. We believe in a world where anyone, from anywhere, can hatch an idea; access the networks, talent and capital to take it to scale; achieve success; and pay it forward to inspire and enable the next generation. Twenty-one years, 30 countries and 1,800 selected entrepreneurs later, we’re not only promoting that same goal but standing as the worldwide LEADER of the high-impact entrepreneurship movement.

But while the mission set out 21 years ago was only a vision, today as LEADERS we have a far better understanding of what it means to be high-impact. It starts with entrepreneurs themselves. We like to say that Endeavor is all about Outlier entrepreneurs, the select few who build and scale lasting businesses, create thousands of jobs, mentor and invest in the next generation and inspire countless others to follow in their footsteps. They are the heart and soul of the lasting economic and cultural impact of entrepreneurship in their communities.

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