Amazon & Walmart Face New Competition From A Delivery Network For The Everyman

The logistics industry meets the real world

We’ve watched this week as Amazon continues to eat the apple with its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods and talk of home grocery delivery. Unfortunately, according to The Street, there is also the talk about cutting jobs in the stores. AdAge even had a story about Walmart testing employee delivery of packages as a way to feed the beast of an instant-gratification (or sometime in the next few hours) society.

And while Amazon sets out to buy the world and the Big Box leaders seek to reinvent themselves, there is another model rising due to the increased acceptance of a sharing mentality and economy.

Gorlin positions Roadie, it is an “on the way” delivery network. People want to get something from point A to point B. They aren’t sure how to package it, or who will ship it, they just know they need to get it there now. Picture eBay for delivery.

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