Startup Roadie Gets More Stephens Cash

Five years after its founding, Roadie, the crowdsourced delivery service startup based in Atlanta, has attracted partnerships with major retailers, including Walmart, and, in February, $37 million in new funding. Some of that money comes from Warren Stephens and his family. The CEO of Little Rock’s Stephens Inc. praised the simplicity of Roadie’s business model. […]

Delivering bags and saving the day: Delta’s partnership with Roadie expands

It’s rare that Delta customers’ bags are delayed, but the airline has invested in innovative ways to quickly reunite customers with their luggage, including using the crowdsourced delivery tech companyRoadie. Since 2015, Delta has worked with Roadie, an Atlanta-based on-the-way service that connects businesses and people with drivers that make long-haul, local and regional deliveries. […]

‘Soccer Mom’ Roadies Take on Amazon Prime Now

With funding of $62 million to date, Roadie’s footprint surpasses even that of Amazon Prime Now, covering 89 percent of U.S. households. “Regular people with regular vehicles” are signing on to deliver urgent and oversize customer goods from retailers such as Home Depot, Macy’s, Walmart and Target in largely underserved rural areas via same-day delivery […]

Rubicon to help reshape Japan’s waste industry

Smart city waste and recycling company, Rubicon Global, will support the Odakyu Group to enable Japan’s waste and recycling industry to move towards the circular economy. Rubicon Global, a technology company that provides waste, recycling and smart city solutions, has entered a partnership agreement with the Odakyu Group to bring its technology solutions to Japan. […]