The future of delivery? This app allows you to put your vehicle to work for cash

(WXYZ) – Driving in the car is likely not your first rodeo. But how about making some extra cash while doing it? That’s what Atlanta based “Roadie” is now offering, by matching up people or businesses with things to send with drivers already going in the right direction So whether you’re heading to work or headed across the […]

Rubicon Global Partners with Georgia Technology’s EPIC Lab on Trash Collector Exoskeleton

Rubicon Global and Georgia Tech are banding together to develop an exoskeleton that will improve the health of waste slingers, one of the most taxing labor jobs in the country. The “Uber for recycling” partnered with ramblin wreck engineers in the Exoskeleton and Prosthetic Intelligent Controls (EPIC) Lab led by Dr. Aaron Young to first overhaul a […]

Roadie CEO Marc Gorlin Discusses the Power of BODFS

While most retailers are aware of the growing success of buy online and pickup in-store (BOPIS), not all are harnessing the growing model of buy online, deliver from store (BODFS). “Initially, retailers were bridging the digital and physical divide by launching ‘click and collect,’ or BOPIS. But as Amazon and other large online retailers make […]

Rubicon Continues to Expand Smart City Partnerships Capturing Usable Data to Drive Change

Rubicon is by now well-known for the services it offers to businesses, with all of the promises around sustainability, data collection and routing efficiency that entails. The company touts an estimated 750,000 “user locations” serviced by more than 5,000 hauling partners. The same app concept hauling partners use for commercial service is what is now being tailored […]