Delivering bags and saving the day: Delta’s partnership with Roadie expands

It’s rare that Delta customers’ bags are delayed, but the airline has invested in innovative ways to quickly reunite customers with their luggage, including using the crowdsourced delivery tech companyRoadie.

Since 2015, Delta has worked with Roadie, an Atlanta-based on-the-way service that connects businesses and people with drivers that make long-haul, local and regional deliveries. Now Delta plans to add 22 airports this quarter to its roster of more than 50 Roadie locations (listed below), ranging everywhere from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale.

Because Roadie taps into unused space already on the road, its community of over 120,000 drivers enables the airline to get delayed bags delivered faster without sacrificing its high level of service for Delta customers. 

Delta’s Chief Operating Officer Gil West explained, “We are working hard to eliminate bag delays but when they do happen, we want to reunite customers with their bags as quickly and painlessly as possible. Roadie has been an important partner in reducing delays and hassles for customers.”

Customers are able to receive real-time updates that allow them to track their bag from the moment they have left the airport.

Recently launched Roadie locations include Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, Chicago-Midway and Norfolk.