Delivery App Roadie Says More Retail Clients on the Horizon

The founder of crowdsourced delivery app Roadie said the company will soon be adding major retailers to its portfolio as it continues to expand its driver network across the country utilizing a “going my way” fulfillment model.

Founder and CEO Marc Gorlin said Roadie currently services major airlines such as Delta, a major home improvement retailer and a large grocery company, both of which he could not name. A network of 50,000 drivers are available to deliver items large and small. They all use their own vehicles, including long-haul truckers going interstate, cross-town commuters and college students shuttling from home to dorm.

“Walmart has been testing a service in which their store employees deliver orders on their way home, and we’ve taken that a step further,” Gorlin said. “Employees are not necessarily heading everywhere that items need to go. We tap people in your community who might be proximate to a local store and already headed toward the end customer. It’s a variable cost delivery system with lots of flexibility to go longer distances using a variety of vehicle sizes.”

Roadie offers insurance of $500 on standard deliveries, and up to $10,000 on high-value items through UPS Capital; UPS joined a $15 million investment round in 2016. The app provides real-time tracking of deliveries in all 50 states, with drivers earning anywhere from $8 to $50 for local gigs and $650 or more for long-distance hauls. To screen drivers, Roadie asks for a valid license and Social Security numbers.

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