How Roadie Kills Four Birds With One Stone

There are two niches that Roadie has found itself filling, said Gorlin.

First, it enables small and medium businesses (SMBs) to compete with Amazon by meeting customer expectations for fast shipping, cheap or free. It can be especially useful for SMBs with daily sending needs, Gorlin said, mentioning florists and dry cleaners as examples. The possibility of delivery may open new doors for an SMB, such as a bakery, that may not have thought about delivering before.

Second, it taps into the ever-expanding sharing economy and gig-work culture while filling the insatiable need for people to get things delivered on the same day they’re ordered – a capability that Gorlin said has become table stakes for almost every business today.

As an added bonus, if there’s anything millennials love more than the sharing and gig economies, it’s a business that has retained some level of human interaction. Sure, this generation is all about efficiency and loves to do business on their phones – anything from shopping to banking – but millennials’ willingness to pay a premium for anything artisanal belies their true priorities.

As other businesses bend over backwards to remove the human elements from their business, Gorlin said that Roadie connects people. Maybe a customer and driver found out they went to the same college, for example. He even mentioned one couple that met and got married because of Roadie.

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