KNOW Foods Makes Gluten-Free and Paleo Food That Actually Tastes Good

It’s incredible to think of the power that food has in making us feel good (or bad) – and that many people can’t enjoy basic foods like bread or pasta because of dietary restrictions and food allergies. Well, KNOW Foods, a new brand that creates foods for a wide array of food allergies, is changing up that game.

Here’s everything you need to ~know~ about KNOW Foods, the brand that will reinvent your plate.

What Is Know Foods?

Founded by a father who saw the trouble his daughter had with her Celiac disease, KNOW Foods creates grain/gluten-free, non-GMO, low glycemic packaged foods that individuals with dietary restrictions cannot typically consume. These products include donuts, pasta, bread slices, waffles, pancake mix, croutons, chocolate chips, and so much more.

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