Atlanta: A Dark Horse in Sustainability Innovation

Atlanta may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of sustainability — but perhaps, it should be. Recent years have seen one significant development after another from the city’s government, non-profits, colleges and businesses. As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at […]

Cities Could Be The First Customer For HD Maps This Startup Built For Autonomous Cars

Lvl5 has taken a novel, crowdsourced approach to building and updating its high-definition maps that auto manufacturers could use to help their autonomous vehicles navigate roads. But let’s face it–it’s going to be years until this technology is needed for wide-scale commercial use. Until then, the San Francisco-based start-up needs customers, and it’s turning city governments as revenue stream for […]

Endeavor Selects 26 Entrepreneurs from 13 Countries at the 83rd International Selection Panel in Athens

Endeavor selected 26 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 18 companies from 13 countries at the 83rd International Selection Panel (ISP) in Athens, held October 22-24, and hosted by Endeavor Greece. Endeavor now supports 1,768 entrepreneurs leading 1,106 companies in 33 markets around the world. At the ISP, Endeavor also welcomed the first two entrepreneurs supported by Endeavor Nigeria […]

Former Mayors Join Rubicon Boards

Rubicon Global announced former Indianapolis Mayor and smart city expert Stephen Goldsmith has joined Rubicon’s Board of Directors and former Philadelphia Mayor and sustainability policy champion Michael Nutter has joined Rubicon’s Advisory Board. Both roles are effective immediately. The former mayors will work with the Rubicon executive leadership team in key advisory roles, specifically around […]

Roadie app is turning average drivers into makeshift delivery people, and they get paid

The next time you drive to work, you could be making money before even clocking in — just by dropping something off that was already on your way. That’s the premise behind Roadie, a new app that’s crowdsourcing package delivery. The Atlanta-based company launched in 2015, currently has more than 90,000 drivers on the platform, […]