Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain Could Help the Recycling Industry

The same technology that powers cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is slowly making inroads into waste management, and could even play a pivotal role in helping to keep recycling out of landfills. Blockchain is a kind of super-secure digital ledger, where transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. According to industry experts the technology could also make it […]

Raising a stink – Rubicon’s disruption of the US waste management space

Every day, the US produces waste equal to the payload of about 58,000 12-ton garbage trucks. That’s 12 rows of trucks lined bumper-to-bumper from coast-to-coast. With less than 5% of the world’s population (327 Million) the US consumes about 30% of the world’s resources and produces about 20% of the world’s annual waste (254 Million […]