Roadie app is turning average drivers into makeshift delivery people, and they get paid

The next time you drive to work, you could be making money before even clocking in — just by dropping something off that was already on your way.

That’s the premise behind Roadie, a new app that’s crowdsourcing package delivery. The Atlanta-based company launched in 2015, currently has more than 90,000 drivers on the platform, and is backed by investors like Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures, the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund and even rapper Ludacris, to name a few.

“It’s essentially people already on the road heading in the right direction,” Roadie founder Marc Gorlin told CNBC’s “On the Money” in an interview. “There’s 250 million cars on the road that’s almost a natural resource of delivery, if you just give people a chance to use it.”

Roadie helps make those connections. To become a driver, you need a vehicle, a valid driver’s license, and will be subject to a motor vehicle and background check. Roadie drivers can expect to earn anywhere from $8 up to $650 per job, depending on the size of the package and the delivery distance.
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