Rubicon Global sets sights overseas with new international role

Before joining Rubicon in 2016, de Viel Castel worked at Veolia North America for more than seven years and did a stint at Transdev North America. He was Rubicon’s vice president of operations prior to this promotion — according to a press release, he was introduced to the company by current board member and former Uber CTO, Oscar Salazar.

While Rubicon hasn’t publicly pursued international business before, the company’s funding geography holds true to its name. In 2017, French giant Suez led $50 million funding round in Rubicon — a deal which de Viel Castel is said to have been “instrumental” in negotiating — and last year, the New Zealand Super Fund invested $65 million.

The details of this new venture remain open-ended, with Rubicon technically amenable to working anywhere, but efforts are expected to focus on Europe and the Asia-Pacific region to start. The company foresees similar business to its primary U.S. work of facilitating services for clients. Selling its “smart cities” platform to local governments is also a priority.

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