Rubicon goes futuristic with patent for fully autonomous collection

Rubicon Global has received patent approval for a “method, system, and vehicle for autonomous waste removal,” as first reported by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The patent, filed by CTO Philip Rodoni in Aug. 2016, was approved in Nov. 2017. The patent describes the current system of house-to-house collection as inefficient, in part because residents may forget to set out their carts or often leave them at the curb for too long after service. Rubicon proposes potential scenarios in which an automated vehicle drives down a street and sends a signal to a “plurality of transporters,” which would then autonomously bring receptacles out for collection.
Service vehicle types could vary and the transporters could have wheels or tracks. Transmitters could use a variety of communication methods, including Bluetooth, RFID, cellular, radio, satellite or other wireless connections. Planned applications aren’t immediately clear.

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