Startup Roadie Gets More Stephens Cash

Five years after its founding, Roadie, the crowdsourced delivery service startup based in Atlanta, has attracted partnerships with major retailers, including Walmart, and, in February, $37 million in new funding.

Some of that money comes from Warren Stephens and his family. The CEO of Little Rock’s Stephens Inc. praised the simplicity of Roadie’s business model. “It’s using people who are already going someplace that want to pick up an extra bit of money,” he told Arkansas Business.

“Quicker, faster delivery is something everyone is trying to do,” Stephens said. Stephens also invested in previous funding rounds to raise cash for Roadie, including its first.

Not only has Amazon fueled e-commerce, the online retailing giant has conditioned consumers to expect their parcels to be delivered in two days or less. Roadie has positioned itself to take advantage of this shift to instant gratification by using the excess capacity of passenger vehicles already on the road to move packages from one point to another.